Craft Your Menu

So you’ve embraced the craft trend and added your unique touch to dishes that will set your restaurant apart. But how do you convey this distinctiveness to your diners?

About Your Menu!

Don't Forget About Your Menu!

Chefs, let’s face it; running a successful restaurant and pleasing customers ain’t easy. There are so many things to take into account: creating tempting and tasty dishes, sourcing quality ingredients, hiring competent staff, marketing, advertising − the list is endless!

However, one thing that is often forgotten about is the menu. How you present your dishes is just as important as the ingredients you choose to make them with.

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There is More to Menus Than You Think

Your menu isn't just there to make your food look appetizing − it also needs to align with your brand, reassure your guests they've come to the right place and set expectations for the type of dining experience they're about to enjoy.

It's also got to show your customers that they're about to experience something special − something they can't find elsewhere.


Craft Your Words & Set the Tone

Wordsmithing your menu plays a vital part in telling your customers who you are and what your restaurant is about. And it's not just about using the right descriptions. Here are some ways you can set the tone with crafted words:

Craft Your Story

Include a welcome page in your menu where you tell people about your food and your values. It will allow your customers to form a connection with you.

Craft Your Names

Giving your crafted dishes unique and creative names is one way to convey the spirit of the restaurant and the dish. Add your personality. Humorous, ballsy names will convey the creative, unique nature of your dishes.

Craft Your Descriptions

Some restaurants get a little, um, flowery when they describe their dishes. Overdone menu wording can be tiring to read, and they don't often provide much value to the diner.

Other crafting tips:

  1. Describe how unfamiliar ingredients taste.
  2. Be accurate and clear.
  3. Add personality with tone, slang and colloquialism.
  4. Emphasise house-made or signature ingredients.

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