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Tips and Tricks for Chefs
A picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

We eat with our eyes - and delicious looking food is something we like to boast about.

Making your meals picture perfect has never been more important either, with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter the new review platform of your customers. So if you want your customers to be tweeting about the meal you have prepared for them, here are 5 basic plating tips to keep in mind to ensure your dish is #picoftheday.
  • Get creative

    Be inspired by beautiful imagery. Use drawings and sketches to visualise your plate and practice pulling everything together before your peak service times.
  • Simplicity is key

    Remember to keep your plate clutter free so as to limit distraction and keep focus on the main ingredients.
  • Maintaining balance

    Presentation shouldn't overpower the flavour and function of a dish. Compliment with colours, shapes and textures.
  • Keep it in proportion

    Ensure you have the right ratios of protein, carbohydrates and vegetables to hit all the right notes nutritionally.
  • Highlight your hero

    Make sure your main ingredients stands out but remember to give your garnishes, sauces and even the plate itself lots of love!

What's your picture perfect dish?


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