DOs & DON'Ts of Social Media

Tips and Tricks for Chefs
Climbing The Social Media Ladder Instagram, Facebook and even twitter are a constant feed of breakfasts, lunches and dinners - free marketing channels to inspire and promote your kitchen.

Here are some simple rules to keep in mind when posting info about your business:


  • Understand the platform(s) you're going to use. Twitter is less visual then Instagram, so tailor content for each platform;
  • Use the lingo and tone that goes with each social platform. Facebook is casual, use hashtags on Instagram, and keep it brief on Twitter. Follow leaders and people you are inspired by in the industry, and learn how they promote themselves and their food;
  • Use popular foodie #hashtags in your posts that are relevant to your dishes, like #instafood #goodservice #foodphotography #dishoftheday #PotD. This makes it easier for people to find your food;
  • Create your venue's identity. Start with a hashtag, #yourvenuename;
  • Know your brand voice and keep things consistent. While it's important to be creative, the look and feel of your venue should run through every picture and post.


  • Go at it alone. Follow and watch how others similar to you in the industry are doing it for your own social media template;
  • Post lengthy posts. Remember to keep things short, sharp and sweet. Like you - everyone is short on time;
  • Overdo your use of #hashtags;
  • Ignore your followers. It's not called social media for no reason - so keep up the conversation with current and future customers.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is merely suggestive and based on chef experiences. Nothing on this page is providing any assurance regarding an increase in sales, demands, profits or any other aspect whatsoever. Results arising from implementing the suggestions may vary and the website owner shall not be held liable.