Here's How to Craft Plating

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As you know, food plating and presentation are vital to your guests’ experience. People eat with their eyes after all, and thoughtful and creative plating can enhance the look and the flavour of your food!

Hard and Fast Rules

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to plating, however, it is important to consider the type of cuisine you are serving. If you want to showcase your craft, your special and unique touch, your plating should mirror this distinctiveness.

Here are a few guidelines to plating food, and a few places where you can get your hands on the crockery and cutlery needed to complement your food!

Plating Guidelines

Choose the perfect plate... or brick or board!

You are an artist, the plate is your canvas and the food your medium. Think about using wooden boards, bricks (yes, really), slate and stone. Metal, glass, and steel can also add a visual edge to your food. Heck, we’re even loving mini casserole dishes! Take a look at these examples:

Food Plating

Food Presentation

Colour is King

This plays a significant role. Choose a colour that will complement your dish. Although white is popular as it provides a high contrast for colourful creations, blue, black, red and yellow plates can look spectacular when paired with the right food.

Food Plating Ideas

Craft with Garnish

Let’s face it, kale and a slice of lemon just doesn’t cut the mustard anymore. When you garnish, choose fresh and delicious garnishes your guests can actually eat. They should enhance and complement the flavours of your dish, not distract from them.

Create with Sauce

How are you going to serve your sauce? The trick here is to think of your spoon or squeeze bottle as a paintbrush, and apply your sauce artfully. Think dots, or lines to unify different elements of the plate. Or, serve your sauce on the side in an attractive jug.


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