Make the most of Mayonnaise with these quick hacks

Transform your dishes with the magic of Best Foods Real Veg. Mayonnaise*

Mayo is one of the most commonly used condiments across cuisines around the world. It brings out the best in most dishes if used right. Every chef aims to learn the art of incorporating mayo in the best way to appropriate dishes.The beauty of mayo is it can be used creatively to improve a range of dishes like dips, spreads, salads, and sandwiches. Everyone loves classic mayo for example, but ready-made flavoured mayonnaises will help to expand your repertoire with minimum effort, maximum impact. You need to get yourself some Best Foods Mayonnaise, for a great, delicious condiment addition to your kitchen!

Here are a few hacks from Best Foods Mayonnaise that might help you with your cooking ventures in the kitchen:

Chicken Love

Most food lovers enjoy good tender crispy chicken right? If you fancy, you can also add cheese to the mix so it becomes one good mix of deliciousness. Combine Crispy Fried Chicken with Best Foods Real Veg. Mayonnaise for a delectable combination. You can serve this with Paratha, Rotis or any bread of your choice to further enhance the chicken plus mayo combination.


Having A Rolling Time

Every good roll calls for Best Foods Real Veg. Mayonnaise. If you are a fan of making tasty and scrumptious wraps & rolls filled with yummy vegetables or meat, then you should try adding Best Foods Mayonnaise for an amazing makeover to your fillings. The consistency is creamy and the taste is delicious enough to perfectly complement your food preparations. A good cheese pairing works especially well with vegetable rolls.

Exciting Salads

Say goodbye to weeping and wilting salads. Best Foods Real Veg. Mayonnaise keeps your salads fresher for longer, which means you can now prepare salads ahead of busy service hours.

The Classics

A classic sandwich calls for Best Foods Real Veg. Mayonnaise. This close-to-scratch mayonnaise is creamy and rich and will take your sandwich menu to a whole new level. Don’t be afraid to turn it up a notch with adding some seasoning to the Mayonnaise.

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