Seven Wonder Ingredients You Need To Replace Salt

Healthier Eating

It’s the most reached-for seasoning in your kitchen. Salt. Any chef worth their, errrr, salt, knows that throwing a pinch or two on meat and fish draws out the tasty flavours locked deep inside.


Today, it may be the most readily available and inexpensive seasoning, but your health-conscious customers are looking for ways to keep their intake within nutritionally sound limits.

Break the Salt Addiction

While salt is essential to achieve the right balance of water and minerals in the human body, too much of it can lead to high blood pressure and potential heart issues. According to the World Health Organisation, we shouldn’t be eating more than 5g a day; that’s just a teaspoon. And by 2020, 75% of Unilever Food Solutions products will follow the 5g-a-day guideline

Here are some great ingredients that can take your flavour up a notch without the salt:


When in doubt, throw in some fresh, chopped garlic cloves to add depth to any recipe. It keeps rogue vampires at bay, too.


Sweet and peppery, perfect for sauces, soups and Mediterranean dishes. Tip: Fresh basil delivers more flavour than dried.

Fish Sauce

Made from the fermented brine of small fish, this Asian sauce delivers a serious salty hit. It’s great for recipes that call for ‘umami’ – the ‘fifth’ taste after salt, sweet, sour and bitter. you will thank us for it!


This tropical delight has a sweet, lemony scent. Most of the flavour is found in the bulb end and can be used for seasoning curries and fish.

Citrus Juices

Lemon, orange or lime can add a welcome touch of sharpness. Often, if a recipe tastes ‘flat’, it needs a hint of acidity; not salt. “Not too keen on squeezing those limes and lemons? Try our Knorr Lime Seasoning to add some zest without the mess."


This aromatic herb is a natural sodium source and contains a compound that adds a taste-bud pleasing dimension to any dish. Use with fish or in a fennel and orange salad.

White Grape Vinegar

All vinegars will ‘brighten’ and sharpen the other flavours in a sauce. You can use any variety, but white grape vinegar is a good all-rounder.


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