Tips for Bringing Flavour Back to Frozen Chicken

Cooking with frozen chicken? Try these tips for creating consistently flavoursome, juicy chicken dishes with Knorr Chicken Seasoning Powder.       Chicken is a versatile protein, found in dishes for almost every type of cuisine, so it’s bound to be on your menu. However, its delicate flavor and tendency to dry make cooking chicken a challenge. Knorr Chicken Seasoning Powder Chef Paul Hage shares his tips for creating a ‘real symphony of taste’ with chicken dishes. Deliver consistently flavoursome, moist and satisfying chicken dishes with these handy hints: Chicken Dishes
  • Bringing keeps chicken juicy and tender, and gives a crunchy, crispy skin.
  • Frozen chicken can lose some of its taste once defrosted. Chef Paul Hage has a simple tip for restoring and enriching chicken’s natural flavour and colour: ready-made seasonings or powders.
  • With a little oil, seasonings or powder can become pastes to rub into chicken. Throw in some extra spice for added zing; African flavours are popular right now, so try cardamom, cumin or ginger.
  • Crunch and crisp are trending food textures, which makes crispy fried chicken a winning dish. Give batter an extra flavour hit with chicken seasoning.
  • Rest chicken after cooking. This retains moisture and spreads juices evenly throughout the meat.
Chicken Seasoning

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