India's most popular dishes ~ now made fast to cook & great to taste. Great Tasting Gravies~ Every time..Any time..In no time

At Knorr, we believe that great tasting food is what matters above all. This core belief of ours is aligned to the passion that drives Chefs to give their best, every time.

We consider ourselves to be partner in good taste, we are driven by an enthusiasm to understand the needs to Chefs and respond with suitable culinary solutions.

Given the expansive nature of Indian cuisine, Knorr is constantly striving to provide culinary solutions that support the passion of Indian Chefs, value their time, and help them delight their diners consistently.

Every Indian Operator kitchen makes 4 basic suaces or gravies that are used in most of the main course dishes. These basic sauces are traditionally made from scratch. Our latest offerings will help you bring to life, the magic of these base sauces, in minutes.

Knorr now brings to you ready-to-use base sauces, formulated specially keeping the Indian Chef in mind.

From the Knorr Indian Selection range: 

Knorr Tomato Makhani Base Sauce

For creamy Makhani in minutes

Knorr Onion Tomato Base sauce

For that Real Kadhai taste

These base sauces are 100% natural and when blended with the right spices, you can prepare a variety of dishes without any hassles, and yet achieve that signature taste that your diners associate with you, all year.


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