Our Sustainability Journey

Today, people are more aware of the journey their food makes from the field to their plate. In these insecure times, they are trying to take greater control of their lives. Eating healthy food and taking care of the planet are becoming increasingly important. The number of people listing health has their number one concern has increased consistently since Oct 08, even through tough economic times.*

*Nielsen – Global Online Survey April 09 to March 2010 ConsumerConfidence – GB results

People are looking for products they trust. They want products from companies that are transparent in their communications and behaviour. They want to feel that their consumption choices are making a contribution to the world and their local community.

Hand in hand

For chefs and caterers it is increasingly important to offer a guest experience in line with these expectations. It is about tasty and nutritious dishes made with natural ingredients and sourced in a socially and environmentally responsible way. And it is about cooking in a more efficient way generating less waste and using less energy.

We work with you to develop innovative solutions to help match your guests’ health and environmental demands. For instance, we look for new techniques to become more efficient in meal preparation and presentation. We provide support and advice on how to use less water and reduce energy and waste. Of course, in these services, taste and health stay top-of-mind.

Our support to healthier solutions can take several forms. For example, we help to boost the consumption of vegetables by making these more appealing. We develop healthier foods that are attractive and convenient alternatives. So we are progressively reducing salt in our products by changing recipes, using salt replacements and enhancing flavours with other ingredients like herbs and spices. Nutritional training for chefs and caterers and for our own people is high on our agenda.

To read more about Unilever’s sustainability approach, visit the Unilever Website or visit the website growingforthefuture.


Inspirational Cases

A clear vision, of course, is the starting point for everything. But it must be followed up with practical actions in order to translate our vision into tangible results. These actions involve improving our own activities and encouraging our consumers and suppliers to do the same.

We are proud of our achievements in the area of sustainability and health & wellness. The case studies illustrate some of our deliveries so far.


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