Sustainable farming

We use about 6% of the world volume of industrially processed tomatoes. For our well-known brands such as Knorr, Bertolli and Ragú, we work with growers all over the world. To improve sustainable farming methods we work in close cooperation with our suppliers.

So far, our sustainable farming programmes have focused on improving soil fertility, water management and pest control. Soil conditions are improved through the sustainable agricultural techniques we have developed. Fertiliser applications are kept to a minimum and through using Integrated Pest Management, pesticides are only applied as a last resort. Irrigation and run-off techniques are being improved and we are continually assessing and promoting biodiversity.

Our long-term goal is to source all our key agriculture raw materials sustainably. This requires us to gain greater control over crops, which we do by supplying seeds directly to farmers and installing a computerised sampling system to assess the quality of the fruit as it arrives at the factory. Also, we develop new tomato varieties that are better suited to the growing region.


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