Chef Sudhir

History - Masina Hospital

Masina Hospital has more than a Century old rich and traditional history of providing service to mankind. Masina Hospital is the first privately run Hospital which was established in 1902.

Today Masina Hospital is a 280 bed facility located in South Mumbai with beautiful plush gardens and fountains enveloping 5 marble statues which are more than 100 years old. The heritage structure is spread over 8 acres of land having five well equipped hospital buildings with a constructed area of around 1, 44,000 sq ft.

Feedback -

  • We were receiving a lot of complaints regarding the soup served specially the taste factor, after introducing the variety of Knorr soups the patients were completely satisfied with the taste & appearance of the soup served. Also we could maintain the proper nutritional requirement of patients via Knorr soups.
  • Knorr onion tomato paste helps maintain the consistency & thickness of the gravies prepared. It gives good flavor, taste & good appearance to the food prepared in Knorr gravies. At the same time it saves the cutting & blending & puree making efforts of the assistant staff in the kitchen.
  • Using Knorr products i.e. their ready puree packs or soups or be any of the products is very cost effective as it saves time & efforts of the worker & thereby saves manpower. In today’s time saving manpower is equivalent to saving money.


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