Food Works

20 Minutes Magic (India)

Mukesh Paul runs a successful catering business known as “Food Works”. He is one of the largest producer of packed sandwiches and burgers for kiosks and cafeterias in cinema theaters in Mumbai. One of his famous sandwiches is Chicken tikka sandwich. Conventionally, making a chicken tikka is a very time consuming process & requires 4-6 hrs of marination. UFS Chef Pai visited his central kitchen to demonstrate him & his team how Knorr Chicken marinades can be used to make Tandoori chicken filling for his sandwiches in just 20 minutes.

Our Chef demonstrated his cooks that how they can get a better yield without any loss of taste in the final product. This will not only saves a lot of time, but also helps in cutting down the cost on wastages and will maintain hygiene. Also our chef demonstrated how they can further bring down their food cost just by changing the way they procure their raw material. He demonstrated on a weighing scale, the variance in actual weight and weight after draining excess water in the boneless chicken meat which was supplied by a local supplier. Chef demonstrated the staff how to receive chilled chicken by draining off excess water from the packets. This also helped Mukesh to get the good yield for his chicken as well which is the main cost in making the chicken tikka.

Mukesh Paul is a happy man now. By using 20 minutes magic from UFS, Mukesh is able to saves a lot of time in his operations and started getting good yield. He was able to bring down his food cost by 10% by increasing the efficiency in his kitchen and savings on wastages. With the help of our Chef, he introduced 3 new varieties of sandwiches as he has more time available to do so. Mukesh Paul feels UFS is a true partner in his success.


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