Sustainability is an integrated part of the Unilever business model, and we've introduced an inspiring purpose for current times to make sustainable living commonplace. This is our primary purpose because we believe it's possible for 9 billion people – the world's population 30 years from now – to live well within the natural limits of the planet.

With Unilever Food Solutions, we want to bring these commitments to life within the food service, by partnering with chefs and operators globally. Small changes make a big difference to grow our industry and - at the same time - protect the planet, the people that live in it and the future of our industry.


Sustainability   IHW


Help chefs make 200 million healthier, tastier and more enjoyable meals daily.

How we improve health and well-being of the guests:

  • We help chefs to make healthier meals for their guests’ well-being through our products and services.
  • The majority of our products meet or are better than benchmarks based on national nutritional recommendations for salt, fat, sugar, calories, etc.
Sustainability  IFS


Support chefs to improve food safety in kitchen.

Step to increase food safety:

  • Food Safety is a major concern for both guests and operators though legislation is often complex.
  • We created our Food Safety Service to increase the understanding of food safety and make it easier to tackle the issue.
  • Wherever possible, we partner with local governments and trade outlets to run training sessions that certify chefs in food safety. salt, fat, sugar, calories, etc.


Sustainability   RFW

We offer advice to help chefs reducing food waste, save money and run a more efficient kitchen.

With the help of our UFS Waste Service in Europe and UK, we help chefs to understand where they generate most food waste.

Sustainability   SS

Kissan is not just about jams and ketchups, but they also play a vital role in the growth of raw materials, and to help small farmers. HUL was the lead company and the first to implement a WEF led Public Private Partnership (PPP) in Maharashtra, for farm gate sourcing of sustainable tomatoes from small holder farmers for the reputed brand. With HUL taking the lead, the project was rolled out in Nasik district & Kissan successfully partnered with small holder farmers, tomato paste processor, Maharashtra government and the agri-input supply companies. Tomato paste sourced from this initiative is now being used in Kissan’s Ketchups. This PPP was a first of its kind for food procurement and was started from scratch.

And join us on our sustainability journey!