Craving something sweet? How about whipping something up real quick?

Dessert-making is an art and requires technical precision. Tip the scale slightly off balance and the desserts may not turn out as expected. If you are into baking, it’s mostly about the right ingredients, the correct quantities and you can churn out a nice gooey cake. However, in a professional kitchen, it is all about serving lip-smacking desserts that not only taste good but also are Instagram-worthy. That’s where Unilever’s Food Solutions’ Dessert & Baking products come in handy.

These UFS products are meant for making life easier for a chef and avoiding catastrophes in the kitchen. Time is of the essence in a professional kitchen and ingredients that help in making better use of that will always come in use. Looking for a quick and easy recipe to make custard that pairs well with fruit salads? Brown & Polson Custard Powder can have you get that custard ready in just a few minutes! Its subtle vanilla flavour elevates the dish. Another great inclusion in a chef’s pantry is the Rex Baking Powder, perfect for baking cookies or muffins. Its neutral flavour and no-residue quality making the ingredient a constant and a favourite in a chef’s pantry.

Creating decadent desserts and bakes takes time and patience. For a chef, it is about coming up with recipes that don’t require much time and effort yet turn out to be absolutely delicious. Whether it is the baking powder or custard powder, you can reduce preparation time and serve up perfect desserts every single time. So, don’t waste time and begin baking with UFS!