A cold winter afternoon or a rainy evening calls for some soup. A steaming bowl of creamy delicious is the ultimate comfort. Soups are basically meant for preparing your stomach for the main courses. Even in a restaurant setting, the soup is generally served as the first or second course. It sets the tone of the meal and gets you excited for what’s to follow - this is why it is important that the soup that comes out of the professional kitchen tastes phenomenal.

The trick to preparing a bowl of heart-warming soup is building the flavour, one step at a time. Soups are all about making you feel warm and fuzzy. As a chef, you may want to take your time to combine ingredients and slowly create magical flavours but when you are working in a kitchen, time is of the essence and making sure delicious food is sent out quickly. For this reason, sometimes all you need is some base preparation for soups that you can work with.

The best part about using Knorr Vegetable Base Soup is that you can save time on creating a foundation for soups and simply divide this base preparation into creating some lip-smacking recipes. You can fiddle with different vegetables or go for an exotic preparation of a vegetable soup, add some meat that compliments the creaminess and maybe even include some bread sides that pair well with the soups.

Preparing soups that make your heart dance with joy and warm your soul, can take time. Whether it is to prepare Tomato Soup, Sweet Corn Soup or your own special concoction using the base soup, chefs can now do wonders with UFS! Include these soup preparations and change the way you cook food.

As the saying goes: Only a pure heart can make a good soup. - Ludwig van Beethoven.