Most people have only a vague idea of what constitutes ‘Continental food’. As a chef, you can simply explain that it is food originating from and consumed in European countries. Most Continental recipes in Indian restaurants comprise Spanish, Italian and French cuisines. The food liberally uses olive oil, herbs and wine, while the seasoning is quite light.

But here’s what most people don’t know about Continental cooking: BLT sandwiches are often breakfast food, it relies on vegetables rather than meat to create warming soups for winter, the cuisine serves up some of the most nutrient-balanced meals across global cooking, and it thrives on minimal ingredients for batter-based dishes.

Your patrons deserve the very best of your cooking, whether it is a Continental chicken recipe like Bang Bang chicken salad, or a simple Bernaise sauce to go as a dip with fried veggies. May we suggest browsing through our range of seasoning powders and sauces to get the perfect plate of Continental food every time you cook?