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Kissan Sauce Dip

Ideal dip for snacks like samosas, kachoris, burgers, sandwiches, rolls, etc.

Recipes Using this Product
  • American Chopsuey
  • Sweet and Sour Chicken
  • Vermicilli Cutlets

    • It is made with 100% Real* Tomatoes
    • It has the perfect blend of sweet and tangy taste along with the right consistency and colour
    • This serves as an excellent dip/accompaniment with all snacks and also acts as a perfect substitute for ketchup
    • Pair it with samosas, pakoras or any dish of your choice
Grammage 930 g

Product Information

Kissan sauce dip, as the name suggests is a perfect dip that could be accompanied by a snack of your choice, like nuggets, nachos, fries, pakoras or samosas. It has the right balance of sweet & tangy flavour. It has the right colour and consistency and makes for a great side dip. It is made from 100% real* tomatoes and comes in a 1kg pack.


Kissan Sauce Dip 1 Kg Doy Pack

Storage & Shelf Life

Once opened, keep refrigerated. Do not freeze.

Shelf life - 10 months

Allergen Information

May contain traces of wheat, milk, mustard, soya.


To be used directly


Water, Sugar, Tomato Paste (18%), Tapioca Flour, Salt, Acidity Regulator- 260, Thickening Agent(1442, 415), Spices and Condiments, Preservative (211).

  • Nutritional Information Per 100 g
  • Energy (kcal) 1% | 114
  • Protein (g) 0.7
  • Carbohydrate (g) 27.2
  • Sugars (g) 4% | 23.5
  • Dietary Fibre (g) 0.4
  • Total Fat (g) 0% | 0.2
  • Saturated Fat (g) 0% | Nil
  • Trans Fat (g) Nil
  • Sodium (mg) 5% | 728
  • One serve=15 g of Kissan Sauce Dip


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