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Knorr Lime Seasoning Powder

Ideal for making lime juice, cocktails, mocktails, bar snacks and salads

Goes well in
  • Honey Lemon Grilled Chicken
  • Kiwi Cooler
  • Murg Tikka
  • Pan Fried Prawns

Yield: 500g = 30 Litres Of Fresh Lime Water/Soda

    • Saves the hassle of cutting and squeezing large quantities of lime
    • Doesn’t turn bitter on storage
    • Helps you manage costs during market price hikes
    • Helps you reduce wastage and save preparation time
Grammage 500 g
MRP ₹240

Product Information

Knorr Lime Seasoning is the one stop solution to all lime requirements in a professional kitchen – it’s “Versalime”. It is a perfect substitute for lime and can be used for variety of applications (beverages, mains and desserts) that gives the tanginess and essence of a freshly squeezed real lime consistently.


Knorr Lime Seasoning Powder 500g

Storage & Shelf Life

Shelf life - 9 months

Allergen Information

May contain traces of wheat, milk, mustard, soya and celery.


Use 500 g of Knorr Lime seasoning to make 30 litre of fresh lime water. 3.5 g of powder dissolved in 7ml water is equal to taste of 1 lime juice.


Dextrose Monohydrate, Acidity Regulator - 330, Anticaking Agent - 551, Lime Juice Powder (Anticaking Agent - 551)

May contain traces of Wheat, Milk, Mustard, Soya, Celery

  • Nutritional Information Per 100 g/ml
  • Energy (kcal) 280
  • Protein (g) Trace
  • Carbohydrate (g) 69.8
  • Sugars (g) 67.8
  • Dietary Fibre (g) Trace
  • Total Fat (g) Trace
  • Saturated Fat (g) Trace
  • Trans Fat (g) Nil
  • Sodium (mg) 1


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